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Art History Snapchats

The internet has been besieged of late by a merrily impious combination of high-minded Art History and the common man’s social media platform.

Oh, yes, Art History Snapchats–combining old and new, academia and perfect vulgarity, in the best way possible.

Don’t fret if you don’t know your Fauvism from Abstract Expressionism, or can’t tell a Rubens from a Raphael or Renoir.  You don’t need the eye of a connoisseur, or have to give a damn about provenance. There are experts with large books for that. Although, if you’re not a complete ignoramus regarding the lives of Italian sculptors or the theoretical doctrines of Clement Greenberg, you might enjoy these all the more.

And so, without further ado, let me present to you, with a widening smirk on my face,  a discerningly curated array of some of cyberspace’s choicest Art History Snapchats.

dont hate me 'cause you ain't me

art history snapchat

oh we've got us a badass here

look it's Dakota Fanning

I just saw a lady's ankle!

Need Gas-x Now

lol later hoes

only three easy payments?!

And that's how I got herpes on my nose...

yeah, I'll definitely text you


turn around, I saw a Starbucks!

says right here you're a little...

her right boob is going on vacation








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