Pure Evil: The UK’s latest Street Art Superstar

Pure Evil is a 43-year-old graffiti artist and gallery owner living in Hackney. Currently making a name for himself in street art circles and amongst galleries, Pure Evil’s road to recognition entails 25 years of country-hopping, clothing design and music, before finally making a mark in the U.K.

In 1990 Pure Evil left Britain for California, and began designing screen-printed t-shirt graphics for influential street wear clothing label Anarchic Adjustment. During this time he infiltrated the San Francisco electronic music scene and was heavily influenced by West Coast graffiti artists like Twist and Reminisce.

After ten years on the West Coast, Pure Evil returned to London and took to the streets with a spray can, painting his soon to be iconic Pure Evil Bunny.

Pure Evil“I was fascinated by guns as a kid. My cousins have a big house in the countryside, and I borrowed one of their shotguns, went out into the fields, and killed a rabbit. Since then I’ve always regretted this terrible deed and the idea is that the rabbit is coming back to haunt me. I was sitting on my bed sketching and the bunny design just appeared. It symbolises retribution, and that you have to pay for your actions.”

His passion for Graffiti led him to join the group behind Banksy’s Santa’s Ghetto producing prints. His first solo show was at Truman Brewery, London, and its success led him to open Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch.

In the past 5 years Pure Evil has exhibited in China, Russia, Brazil, America and across Europe. To date Pure Evil has been a part of over 50 different exhibitions with emerging and established artists. Recently his work appeared on BBC’s “The Apprentice” and Chanel 4′s “Four Rooms” where he sold his one off ‘Prince William’s Nightmare.”

Today Pure Evil maintains his gallery whilst producing a monthly radio show, running regular workshops and lecturing about Street Art.

Pure Evil

Pure Evil’s “tear,” the striking emblem that pervades his most recent Nightmare series, was inspired by a documentary on Liz Taylor and Richard Burton’s relationship. After witnessing the love and hate vacillating between Taylor and Burton and realising that most relationships share this level of tension, the Nightmare series’ “tear” was born.

A selection of work from Pure Evil’s Nightmare Series can be viewed here.

Pure Evil




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