Paul McCartney’s new “Queenie Eye” music video is a celebrity round-up!

Sir Paul McCartney at the grand piano

Sir Paul McCartney’s still got it, everyone.

It appears he’s also gotten some fresh Birkenstocks and botox… but more importantly, as seen in his new music video, “Queenie Eye”, he’s also acquired an entire winner’s circle full of equally-famous and exorbitantly wealthy pals during the decades since Beatlemania first exploded over everything.

See the video — cheerily informal and befittingly filmed in Abbey Road Studios — here:

How’d you like it?  There’s a lot of boogieing going on, all right. Did you enjoy playing a rousing game of ‘spot the well-known face in a rhythmically-swaying mob of well-known faces’?

After all, besides Sir Paul himself, it’s easy to spy Johnny Depp bopping vehemently to an iPod, doing that staring blankly with bottomless black pools of eyeballs thing. Jude Law is present, wistfully adorned in a bristling layer of scruff and a disproportionately large vintage hat. Beanie-clad Chris Pine blinds on-lookers with his painfully pearly shark-like grin. Sean Penn sits aloof in a solitary corner, looking as if he just killed a man, and Meryl Streep shows up and behaves incredibly like…Meryl Streep in a music video. Lily Cole daydreams alongside the grand piano, a cherry-lipped china doll, and Tom Ford broods and head bangs precariously in sepia aviators, seated in a Nordic minimalist armchair, twisted into a well-thought out pose. Oh, and smoky cat-eyed Kate Moss shakes her exposed butt cheeks like no forty year-old before her. Hell, even Gary Barlow, Alice Eve, James Cordon, Tracey Ullman, and Jeremy Irons are tossed in for good measure. Yet is this undulating clan of groovy friends really there?

Rock on, Sir Paul, rock on.

Johnny Depp in Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye

Lilly Cole in Paul McCartney's "Queenie Eye" video

Jude Law in Paul McCartney's Queen Eye video

Alice Eve in Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye video

Jeremy Irons in Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye Video

Kate Moss in Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye video

Meryl Streep dancing in Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye Video







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